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Tag: Reflection

Leadership: What Makes a Person Follow

In the video above Simon Sinek is talking about creating a leadership culture that people will follow. His big point is the following quote: “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” I Absolutely Love this quote. […]

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characteristics of innovator's mindset

IMMOOC: The 8 Characteristics and Me

The above image by Sylvia Duckworth is a great illustration of what it looks like to be deep into the Innovator’s Mindset. Chapter 3 of George Couros’s book is attempting to identify how an innovator views the world. As an exercise for myself, I wanted to rate myself in each of […]

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Innovation and the Innovator’s Mindset #IMMOOC

The #IMMOOC begins officially this weekend. It revolves around a book called The Innovator’s Mindset and provides me the opportunity practice an important parts of innovation: personal reflection. That is where this blog comes in. Beginning a blog sounds like a huge task. Once started will it become one of the many […]

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